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I’m Vegan Casting Completed


Watch this vlog for an important casting update, along with some information about keeping up with the project, answering your questions, and so on:

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vegandocumentary.com re-launched!


The day is finally here: vegandocumentary.com has been re-launched as the official home of the I’m Vegan documentary project! Special thanks to Wyatt Greene for handling all my various requests and for putting in all the hours that made this site possible.

You’ll notice as you click around that we still have some features to roll out, but go ahead and kick the tires—catch up on our publicity, follow the project on Twitter, and all that good stuff. Those of you following the project elsewhere may noticed that I took a few minutes to update the blog settings at the I’m Vegan Facebook fan page, which will import blog posts from the revamped site via RSS, and that I did the same for the FeedBlitz email list. Email subscribers will now find the latest I’m Vegan blogs and vlogs delivered directly to their inbox! (for those of you who know what to do with it, our RSS feed is here)

So, hopefully I did all that right, and the few hundred of you that are subscribed via email orwho are fans at Facebook will receive this notice and watch the welcome vlog I recorded for our home page a little over a week ago, before the re-launch was delayed due to Internet Explorer not playing nice with our design. I didn’t have time to record a new vlog, so some of this may seem a little off, but I wanted to get the news out ASAP. Without further ado: 

FYI, in case you don’t watch the video, I wanted to make sure you knew that the open casting period is now over. I am now knee-deep in choosing who I will meet for the project. I’ll be back once that has been accomplished, so stay tuned!

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