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VegNews.com interviews Eric about “I’m Vegan”


The VegNews.com interview I mentioned in my previous post has gone live, FYI.

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Animal Voices Radio chats with Eric about “I’m Vegan”


As “casting” starts to wrap up, things will start getting more active around here, I suspect. I’ve started this weekend by going through just the raw data (age, race, body type, gender identification, location, etc.) to help me get a handle on the options I have to ensure a diverse “cast” of vegans to interview. Still want to submit? Hurry and get your submission in this weekend!

In the meantime, I’ve been the subject of a couple of interviews myself. Look for an online interview to go live at VegNews.com some time this weekend. Fabulous mag editor Aurelia d’Andrea asked me a few questions that may give you a little more insight into the project.

230x154_avlogo1You can also listen to my archived radio interview with Animal Voices‘ Lauren Corman. It just went live late on Friday, so I had a chance to give it a listen in the background while working on casting stuff. From what I could tell, I managed to avoid sounding like a blathering idiot for nearly the entire broadcast, so it might be worth checking out! (FYI, the interview starts about 10 minutes in, after the news)

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“I’m Vegan” fully funded


I am very pleased to announce that I’m Vegan is now fully funded! Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible! This is only the beginning, though.

One of my next major steps will be to “cast” the vegans I’d like to feature in this project, and I will solicit that information here and elsewhere once I am ready.

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