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Casting update/reminder

Hi, all.

If you’re one of the people who was contacted for a second round of casting but have not yet heard back, realize that I am going through the submissions daily. I have received quite a few and, as you know, they are somewhat lengthy. I’m also balancing the submissions against the need to plan a reasonable itinerary, amongst other variables, so this is a bit more time-consuming than just picking any stand-out submissions.

I promise to make an announcement here once the final cut is made. At that point, everyone who is going to be profiled will have been notified and anyone who has not been notified as of that announcement will know they were not selected. I do wish I could meet more of you than I’ll be able to meet. Please know that even if you are not selected, your submission was strongly considered and caused me much deliberation!


4 Responses to “Casting update/reminder”

  1. Jaklin Mofardin Says:

    I understand you are into the second round of casting and have many submissions to go through but I thought I’d at least try. My roommates and I completely forget to write you months ago after picking up a flyer at Cosmos Vegan (I blame it on having two babies in the house) but we think our story is an interesting/nice story so hear it goes…..Everyone I live with is vegan, myself (female, Croatian/Ukrainian, 27 yrs), my son Olin (Croatian/Ukrainian/Mexican, 8 months) Erick (male, Filipino, 29 yrs), Joy (female, Filipino, 31 yrs), her fiance Cain (male, Chinese/Czech/Scottish/Russian, 35 yrs) and their daughter Lennon (mix of Joy and Cain, 11 months). We have all become vegan at different times in our life and in different ways. I think I started the process at 15 when after becoming disgusted with the amount of deer my family killed during hunting season I stopped eating red meat. Over the years I slowly cut out dairy, then birds, then everything for the past five years after watching “Farm Sanctuary”. Erick watched “Earthlings” with us in 2005 and became Vegan by the next day. Joy has been vegan since 2001, having been vegetarian for one year prior and then discovered she was lactose intolerant and she had also watched many animal rights videos in her sociology class spurring her decision. Cain was partially vegetarian in 2003 after reading “Fast Food Nation”, various Buddhist books and doing computer contract work for the USDA pertaining to New Castle disease in chickens. He became vegan after Joy moved in with him in 2006. Both of our babies will be raised vegan, unless they grow up and decide they want to eat animals in which case they may buy and prepare it themselves…We all live in one house with two dogs and a cat in Atlanta, GA. Our professions vary from Massage Therapist to Trader Joes employees to an IT consultant. I really hope we can be a part of this and after having gone through a vegan pregnancy and now vegan motherhood, we have been reminded time and time again how little people really know about vegans, their diet, nutrition and our reasons behind it. Let me know if you would like any other information.

  2. Cindi Seal Says:

    I doubt that I’m interesting enough to get picked. I just turned vegan about 6 weeks ago. I did it for health reasons. I disliked meat, wouldn’t eat it very often and just wasn’t getting the required amount of protein in my diet. Now that I’m using vegetable prtein foods, I’m getting more than enough protein. I have absorbtion problems due to gastric bypass surgery, so my nutritionist really pushed protein. I don’t run a business or anything but I think my reasons for becoming vegan are unique. I also live right off of I-10.

  3. Andrew Says:

    Hi, I just came across this documentary and though it seems like you’ve been casting for a while, I’d like to take a chance and see if you’re be interested in me. I’m 22 years old and I’ve been vegan for about seven months now. What would probably make me most unique in “I’m Vegan” is that I’m in a program called AmeriCorps NCCC, a federal program where I travel around the country with ten other young people doing community service for ten months. This makes my veganism quite difficult to maintain, but I manage. Also, I am all the while trying to be as non-invasive on the lives of my teammates!

    Aside from that, I have an aerospace engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I have all sorts of interests – I sing and play guitar, I do vocal percussion, I write, etc. I’m hoping to live in Boston in the fall.

    Maybe it’s too late, maybe not. I figured I’d give it a try!

  4. Ashley Says:

    i just heard about this on VeganFreak podcast. i have been studying in England and got backed up on my podcasts. i think this is a great idea. i have been vegan for almost 2 years and am a sophmore in college. my time in England, however has been very difficult. not vegan freindly at all. the britains are all about organic and free-range, but to me its the same thing. my life, however back in the states it is just as bad. the small city of Kankakee is meat oriented and narrowminded. there are no options for me there. i often go to chicago (which is an hour away), however, where there are a lot of vegan places that i LOVE! i like to think i am interesting, but doesnt everybody? you are usually only unique to yourself. well, if you are going to be in illinois anytime soon, hit me up!

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