A Documentary Project

One last casting update before the big announcement

Hey there, all.

I’m getting super-close on casting, FYI. I’ve narrowed down all the submissions as far as I can without literally planning the entire trip. So now I have to work out the logistics to find out whether it’s realistic to meet everyone who made the final cut. Sadly, more candidates may get cut in order to make the route work in the time allotted.

Once I think I have a solid itinerary, I will get in touch with those who made it onto the map and confirm whether they are available on those dates. If there are any alterations that need to be made (shuffling dates, swapping interviewees, etc.), I will work those out and finalize the schedule. At that point, I should have a final list of stops and dates that I’ll be able to publicize all over, and we’ll get cracking on putting up that route map. Remember that even if you don’t make the final cut, there may be an opportunity to meet you during the trip, or for you to help out in some other way (publicity, music, design, other networking).


Thanks again for your interest in the project!


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