A Documentary Project

Casting notifications have started going out

FYI, I started sending out casting confirmations to ‘selectees’ today, but it was slower going than I had anticipated. I’m sharing this news for those of you who are following updates to find out whether or not you’ve been cast. I had hoped to send all the notices out before the end of the day, but now it looks like I won’t be able to finish doing so until late Monday or Tuesday (this weekend is pretty much devoted to Boston Vegan Association projects).

Which reminds me: if you are in the New England area, the reason you haven’t heard anything back yet is because I am not planning to include N.E. in this road trip. It’s already a long haul to a lot of locations, and I figure we can shoot the N.E. profiles after we’ve returned to Boston and had a chance to recharge our batteries. I’ll email “local” applicants directly once I’ve finished planning this first big trip.

Thanks all for your patience, and for your interest in I’m Vegan!


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