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Leaving Philadelphia

I’ll be heading out of Philadelphia in a short while. WiFi and time have both been in short supply, and I never did work out posting from my iPhone (though I am “tweeting” from http://twitter.com/imvegan). Having caught up on importing and backing up data acquired to date (we’re shooting on memory cards, and a specialized external hard drive when that comes back), I thought I’d take advantage of a 10 minute lull to update the site.

The interviews are going well so far, we’re getting some great footage, and the hospitality has been incredible. As much as I originally saw I’m Vegan as a way to direct a project that brings my own veganism together with my passion for filmmaking, and though I also saw that there might be some potential for these profiles to change the way people who encounter them regard veganism, what I wasn’t prepared for was how warm and generous our hosts and interviewees have been.

Of course, there are many other vegans to meet yet, and I don’t want to presume that all the experiences will be as positive as they have been so far, but looking back on this journey will clearly be more than a reflection of technical and interpersonal experiences on the road for me, Spencer, and Matthew. It will be a collection of memories of all the people we encounter, memories that enrich us, enrich the experience and elevate it above the average production. I hope that we can honor them with the work we do.

Finally, I hope that I can continue to learn from my experiences along the way to become a better vegan advocate.


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  1. john calabria Says:


    Wishing you safe travels as I celebrate my 13 year Veganniversary today. Happy spring.
    I consider this more my birthday than my traditional one in October.

    I was wondering if there’s anyone on your list from the “class of 96” there’s a group of us who saw a certain documentary on hbo back in 96 and BAM, went Vegan on the spot. would love to tell you about it.

    Over the years I’ve been meeting others who had this revelation, including James and Jenny who were inspired to create Tribe of Heart from their experience of this documentary, leading to The Witness, and Peaceable Kingdom being created.

    all the best.


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