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Animal Voices Radio chats with Eric about “I’m Vegan”

As “casting” starts to wrap up, things will start getting more active around here, I suspect. I’ve started this weekend by going through just the raw data (age, race, body type, gender identification, location, etc.) to help me get a handle on the options I have to ensure a diverse “cast” of vegans to interview. Still want to submit? Hurry and get your submission in this weekend!

In the meantime, I’ve been the subject of a couple of interviews myself. Look for an online interview to go live at VegNews.com some time this weekend. Fabulous mag editor Aurelia d’Andrea asked me a few questions that may give you a little more insight into the project.

230x154_avlogo1You can also listen to my archived radio interview with Animal Voices‘ Lauren Corman. It just went live late on Friday, so I had a chance to give it a listen in the background while working on casting stuff. From what I could tell, I managed to avoid sounding like a blathering idiot for nearly the entire broadcast, so it might be worth checking out! (FYI, the interview starts about 10 minutes in, after the news)

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