A Documentary Project


I’m Vegan is a series of short documentary profiles featuring vegans from all walks of life. The profiles are available free over the web so that people can share the videos with family, friends, and visitors to their own sites.

About the Filmmakers


Between lunch and dinner on a fateful April 20, 2002, Eric shifted from eating Double Western Bacon Cheeseburgers, dairy ice cream, and New York-style pizza to being vegan, and he hasn’t looked back since. Web-based video played a crucial role in his transition, and he hopes I’m Vegan will become a useful addition to the internet.

Prior to producing and directing I’m Vegan, Eric co-founded the Boston Vegan Association, which fosters, supports, and educates Boston’s vegan community, and advocates veganism as the only consistent way to commit to the belief that it is wrong to cause unnecessary harm to animals.

Eric has directed and/or produced several other projects, including a variety of short films and a feature-length horror movie. He has blogged extensively at ananimalfriendlylife.com, spoken at schools and conferences, and occasionally freelanced for various magazines. As a producer of the 3rd Annual Artivist Film Festival, Eric worked to highlight films that merged art with activism in order to raise awareness of animal, environmental, and social justice issues.


The director of photography and camera operator, Spencer is vegan as well. He previously worked with Eric on a music video for the rock band 1945. The two met through the Boston Vegan Association. Spencer is a graduate of the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University.


Rounding out our crew is Matthew Goodwin, a newly-minted vegan who also met Eric through the BVA. He joins us as a utility sound technician and all-around production assistant. Matthew is very much looking forward to meeting lots of vegans, visiting all sorts of vegan businesses, and learning more about veganism.