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Some potentially useful updates


Hi, I’m Vegan viewers, friends, and fans. I have some new tools at your disposal.

You and those you know can now subscribe to I’m Vegan via iTunes, through which you can download the h.264 1080p MPEG-4 files used as masters at the blip.tv site (one of the other hosts I’m using for propagating the series). These files will download as podcasts, then you can locate them on your computer through iTunes (right-click or ctrl-click on the episode to bring up a menu, then chose “Show in Finder”). Remember that you are not permitted to modify the profiles, but you might find it useful to download them for use instead of relying on embedding. For instance, you can save the files to a DVD to pass on to others or to show people in a kiosk or classroom.

Due to a technical glitch, it may take some time for I’m Vegan: Regina to show up in the list.

Also, note that the home page has changed a little for the sake of simplicity. However, it may not be obvious that you use the arrows located to the right and left of the main video to navigate to other video profiles currently available in I’m Vegan’s YouTube channel.

Finally, below the video I have added some information on veganism. For those non-vegans you send these videos or talk to about this project (or really anyone you want to look into veganism further), you can refer to them to the home page at vegandocumentary.com for an introduction to the whys and hows of veganism.

I hope you find these features useful!

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