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Over the hump


As of now, we’ve finished shooting 38 profilee interviews. We only have a couple dozen or so more to go! I think we hit our halfway mark back in Los Angeles, which was a bit of a whirlwind visit. Then again, most of our stops have been whirlwind visits. Every once in a while we’ll be somewhere long enough and not have quite so much planned that we can’t find time to change the oil in the van and so on. I haven’t had much time to record, edit, and upload video, so that may have to wait until I return to Boston. Meantime, here are a couple of pictures. One is Spencer shooting Arizona dairy feedlot footage from the roof of a van and the other is Spencer and I preparing to shoot an interview with one of our profilees in San Francisco.

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Footage from a feedlot in Arizona


I tweeted yesterday about stopping along our route to San Diego to shoot footage of a feedlot that we saw off I-8. The photo I uploaded with that tweet hardly did justice to the place, so I thought I’d share one of our video clips here, which was shot from our van as we drove from one end of the lot to the other. Even this does not begin to give you the scale of what we encountered, as the closest we could get to the cows was the narrower end of the lot:

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