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More photos and a note about I’m Vegan merch

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You’ll notice that the site’s Merch link has been pulled for the time-being. I’ve heard from some of you who want to wear I’m Vegan apparel, and I look forward to providing that for you! However, I’ve been made aware of a business similar to CafePress that appears to make more of an effort to produce and source its products more sustainably and ethically than CafePress, so I want switch the store over to that service when I have time to resolve technical concerns and to build a new storefront (which may be a while).

In the meantime, here are some more pictures from our shoot, mainly DC and FL:

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Final pre-production vlog


I recorded this quick, 2-minute update at coffee shop while my wife was running a 5k, so apologies for the noise. It’s still pretty audible, and there’s some news updates you may want to know about, so check it out:

PS – Please email me any questions you want the interviewees to answer (eric AT vegandocumentary DOT com).

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